George Sand or the freedom to love

Belles and rebels
The Baroness Aurore Dudevant should have had the life of a woman of her time and rank: 
A dreary life, knitting and presiding charity parties in her corset.

But Aurore decided to reinvent her life. She became George and dared to write and live like a man in a time when a woman was treated as a 12 years old child.

George Sand won her freedom to live and her freedom to love – to stroll around in the romantic quarters of Paris and to achieve a destiny where she was able to seduce Frederic Chopin and Alfred de Musset.
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Also available in French and Spanish


"La visite a été charmante, le cadre agréable, et Edith un délice. Elle a même chanté Julliette Greco !

 "Il n'y a qu'un plus d'après, à Saint-Germain-des-Prés ! "

— Gilles, de Paris